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Stephen Murenza

Shona Stone Sculptor

I was born in 1982 in rural district of Rushinga. I come from a family of six boys, five of whom are sculptors.

I grew up in a family of sculptors and I started to assist my brother Julius and Rufaro at the age of ten. Learning the art form by finishing my brothers’ sculptures.

In year 2000 I left my rural home and moved to Chitungwiza, a community near the country’s capital with a strong sculpting tradition, in order to further my skills as an artist and again more exposure for my work.

Despite living in an urban environment, I still feel close to nature, so many things inspire me and every stone is a sculpture waiting to come out. And my art explores love, human relations and reflects my positive outlook on life. I move effortlessly between representational and abstract interpretations, experimenting with texture and form and there is a beautiful simplicity to my work, movement and stillness at the same time. I do the communication with stone before I start carving, so the stone it tells me what to do.

My distinctive sculptures have sold to collectors and galleries in Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States(USA), Germany, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Canada, I can say my diverse works have exhibited all around the world.

In 2012 I was featured in three exhibitions during my three month residency with ZimArt in Canada, Stone Dairies II at the distillery District in Toronto, Shona D ‘Afrique VIII in the West Island of Montreal, and Rice Lake XIII at the Rice Lake Gallery. I also led several successful sculpting workshops at the gallery.

And when I get back home I also participate at HIFA (Harare International Festival of Arts), it is highly successful meeting with people from across the world.


News Update

Iam happy to announce that soon my gallery will have some  sculptures ready for sale with  prices,  dimensions and weight,  iam just finishing working out on few things .Thank you.


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Stephen murenza Horses 5I always communicate with each and every piece I do , it tells me what to do and I listen to the message very well that is my best moment in life where by I get motivated with the sign language that I use to speak to the stone.

At times when you listen to a stone, it tells a story you have never heard before, taking you places you have never been before. Such was the experience I had when I was sculpting “Huddling Horses” my first sculpture of that theme. I foundStephen Murenza Horses 4 myself getting carried away with the story the stone was telling and before I knew it I sculpted a piece whose theme I had not sculpted before. From this experience I learnt that my creativity has no limit for as long as I listen and communicate well with the stone.

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