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Stephen Murenza

Shona Stone Sculptor

I was born in 1982 in rural district of Rushinga. I come from a family of six boys, five of whom are sculptors.

I grew up in a family of sculptors and I started to assist my brother Julius and Rufaro at the age of ten. Learning the art form by finishing my brothers’ sculptures.

In year 2000 I left my rural home and moved to Chitungwiza, a community near the country’s capital with a strong sculpting tradition, in order to further my skills as an artist and again more exposure for my work.

Despite living in an urban environment, I still feel close to nature, so many things inspire me and every stone is a sculpture waiting to come out. And my art explores love, human relations and reflects my positive outlook on life. I move effortlessly between representational and abstract interpretations, experimenting with texture and form and there is a beautiful simplicity to my work, movement and stillness at the same time. I do the communication with stone before I start carving, so the stone it tells me what to do.

My distinctive sculptures have sold to collectors and galleries in Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States(USA), Germany, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Canada, I can say my diverse works have exhibited all around the world.

In 2012 I was featured in three exhibitions during my three month residency with ZimArt in Canada, Stone Dairies II at the distillery District in Toronto, Shona D ‘Afrique VIII in the West Island of Montreal, and Rice Lake XIII at the Rice Lake Gallery. I also led several successful sculpting workshops at the gallery.

And when I get back home I also participate at HIFA (Harare International Festival of Arts), it is highly successful meeting with people from across the world.



Sculptor Explores The Beauty of Nature

Tawanda Marwizi     The Herald Arts Correspondent 7 July 2016.
Stone sculpture in the country is developing with several artists working tirelessly to preserve our heritage. Several sculptdsc09033ors are coming up with themes that suit current situations while others are fighting hard to make sure the nation is educated about nature.

For sculptor Stephen Banda Murenza, young brother to award-winning sculptor Rufaro Murenza, the stones should explore several issues that reflect our culture and surroundings.

In that light Murenza now boasts of a gallery that has sculptures made under several themes.

He has pieces that depict social aspects and is optimistic that his works will make an impact in the society.

Murenza’s love for wildlife has inspired him to make several pieces on the subject while he also reflects on various issues happening among people.

Some pieces in his gallery are “Recalling Memories”, “My First Date”, “Huddling Horses”, “My First Kiss”, “Sharing Ideas” and “Playing Horses” among others.

His works are a mixture of different stones that include spring stone and dolomite.

“My First Date” brings the theme of love in the gallery as he carved a woman who is smartly dressed, waiting to meet her first boy friend.

“This one is a spring stone piece that tells of how people dress when they are meeting their spouses fosc20161013-151633-1r the first time. You see with the coming of technology sometimes people date via social media platforms. When they meet for the first time the girl dresses to impress her boyfriend,” he said.

He is working to have a bigger gallery with pieces that tell different stories.

“I am targeting to have a gallery that has several pieces with different social themes. With the help of Chitungwiza Arts Centre I am sure I will get there,” he said.

Just like any other artist, Murenza is trying to create his own style that is distinct.

sc20161013-151421-1“My brother has won awards because of his unique stone works and that i
s my wish as an artist,” he said.

Murenza was born in Rushinga in a family of six boys and five of them are sculptors.

He relocated to Chitungwiza where he joined the arts centre working on pieces that explore his love for nature.

The sculptor has travelled to several countries that include Mexico, Australia and Belgium among others selling his works.

Stephen Murenza -Sculpting workshops

Shona Sculpture Workshops by Stephen Murenza

Stephen Murenza-Sculpting workshopsStephen Murenza is an accomplished artist with a great ability to lead and conduct sculpting workshops. He can teach the traditional way that they do when they curve entirely by hand, he can conduct workshops anywhere in the world where he gives students the guidance and the technique oStephen Murenza -Sculpting workshopsf using some hand tools in sculpting shona stone art.

In his workshops, all his students are able to select a piece of stone suited to their skill level which is a good experience because it allows the student to communicate and enjoy  their first touch with the stone.

Stephen murenza

Expressions Through My Art Works . Stephen Murenza.

Stephen murenzaMy works take a critical view of social and cultural issues. Each project often consists of multiple works in a range of different media,  grouped around specific themes and meanings.  I search out the texture and emotion of a subject while incorporating my love for society and culture. My passion lies in combining the two in a single image yet staying true to the story that presents itself.

As an artist,  I work hard to develop art that speaks both to me and to  others about the beauty that exists in the ruins of ancient societies  , I want to give society life once more through the message on my sculptures . I try with every finished work to breathe life into a long forgotten culture so that its designs,  ideas,  innovations and lifestyle are displayed on my work.

Each and every single piece contains a fragment of myself,  every piece I create is created in an effort to unearth myself. My sculptures explore my own morbid curiosities,  addressing the images that some may find odd , obscure or even grotesque.  My infatuation with such oddities manifests itself Stephen Murenza-Mine Quarryin my Shona art. I put myself,  if only briefly,  into the feeling of my subjects  , as they display their symbols of abundance  , good luck and wholesome joy.

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